Audiovisual Works

rU10 (with Q&A)

- Ian Avery Bick, Kunwoo Kim, Matt Wright

The individual and the collective exist in a dynamic equilibrium - adversarial yet interdependent. This piece investigates how historical social cycles of revolution and realization are warped by new factors: the internet, AI, and our own evolution.

'I know your nerves are copper with rubber insulation; I know your voice is programmed by someone, but I don’t care. We’re all programmed— naturally or artificially' - Don Clermont, Untitled

Performed with Stanford Laptop Orchestra in Bing Concert Hall, June 2018. Vocal samples provided by Paris Mancini.

Forest Mother Meets the Blob

- Ian Avery Bick, Michael Betts, Niko Kush dancers: Katie Shubat, Celia Rath, McKenna Leighton, Simone Hadley, Cas Parong

FMMTB explores how ritualistic aspects of womanhood shape - and are shaped by - the modern world. Basic computer vision is applied to detect the continuous forms - 'blobs' - of the dancers. The computer loosely follows them throughout their ritual - they are a discrete system of order amongst noise.

This piece was performed at the Stanford GRID - a 30' x 30' laser grid with a waterfall for video projection. The project was set up in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

Sapiostasis I

- Ian Avery Bick

There is a natural feedback to the Universe that acts through defined rules - energy and mass are always conserved. We have the capacity to understand these phenomenon, but not the power to evade them. Bacteria grow exponentially then die-off as conditions change and nutrients and space become limited – will our understanding of natural laws save us from a similar fate, or will it simply allow us to cognize and postpone the inevitable?

Performed with Stanford Laptop Orchestra in Bing Concert Hall, June 2017.

Sapiostasis II

- Ian Avery Bick

A continuation focused on ocean pollution - created for the Stanford Ocean Society 2017 Ocean Art Exhibition.

Slow Proteo


Mountain Music split with Psirens

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