Audiovisual Performance

KZSU Day of Noise 2019

- Slow Proteo with Revel

A 30 minute audiovisual performance with Revel on guitar and vocals for the 2019 KZSU Day of Noise where we explore purpose, belonging, and disillusionment.

rU10 (with Q&A)

- Ian Avery Bick, Kunwoo Kim, Matt Wright

The individual and the collective exist in a dynamic equilibrium - adversarial yet interdependent. This piece investigates how historical social cycles of revolution and realization are warped by new factors: the internet, AI, and our own evolution. Performed with Stanford Laptop Orchestra in Bing Concert Hall, June 2018. Vocal samples provided by Paris Mancini.

'I know your nerves are copper with rubber insulation; I know your voice is programmed by someone, but I don’t care. We’re all programmed— naturally or artificially' - Don Clermont, Untitled

Forest Mother Meets the Blob

- Ian Avery Bick, Michael Betts, Niko Kush dancers: Katie Shubat, Celia Rath, McKenna Leighton, Simone Hadley, Cas Parong

FMMTB explores rituals in the modern world. Basic computer vision is applied to detect the continuous forms - 'blobs' - of the dancers. The computer loosely follows them throughout their ritual - they are a discrete system of order and purpose amongst noise. This piece was performed at the Stanford GRID - a 30' x 30' laser grid with a waterfall for video projection. The project was set up in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

Sapiostasis I

- Ian Avery Bick

There is a natural feedback to the Universe that acts through defined rules. We have the capacity to understand these phenomenon, but not to evade them. Performed with Stanford Laptop Orchestra in Bing Concert Hall, June 2017.

Sapiostasis II

- Ian Avery Bick

A continuation of Sapiostasis focused on ocean pollution - created for the Stanford Ocean Society 2017 Ocean Art Exhibition.

Slow Proteo


Mountain Music split with Psirens

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